One thought on “Business Daily, 19/05/2019 – Legal methods to curb domestic violence cases”

  1. Isn’t this a massive opportunity for mediators?

    Why wait until the Court screens a dispute for mediation? Why even wait for the dispute to have matured and hardened and for the disputants to be ready to visit lawyers? Early on in the life-cycle of a dispute, when the issues are little more than tensions between parties, that is when a neutral third party has the best chance to iron out misunderstandings and those little irritations which left unchecked, will grow into bitter enmities.

    This is just as true for family/couples disputes as it is for any other type of dispute. Isn’t it nearly always failures in effective communication which lead to disputes? The skill of helping parties to focus on issues and not rights is arguably of more value when partnerships get underway compared to when they start to breakdown.

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